To UN-MERGE the previously independent state universities located in Savannah and Statesboro, Georgia.

What we support:

We support two, separate, independently administered institutions each with their own unique culture, traditions, history, and branding who serve the needs of their distinct communities. We support the right to petition our government for a redress of our grievances by utilizing public opinion in a civil and courteous manner while being firm in our convictions.

What we do not support:

We do not support the decision and actions directed by the Board of Regents to combine these two schools. Nor do we support the ongoing efforts by the Board of Regents and administrators to maintain this merger.

Students, faculty, staff, and alumni from BOTH institutions have expressed to us the same positions.


The institutions should be returned to their former independence for a number of reasons including:

    1. Safety and Distance: The two campuses are 60 miles apart. Faculty, staff, and students must regularly travel I-16, one of the most dangerous roads in Georgia. It is just a matter of time before others are injured or worse on I-16.
    2. Public Outcry: An association consisting of alumni and other interested parties has been formed for the purpose of reversing the merger. When the consolidation was announced, private donations for the Savannah institution went to zero. The people of Savannah are outraged confirmed by newspaper, internet, radio and television accounts, and word of mouth. Many in the Statesboro community are displeased with the situation as well.
    3. Choice: Not everyone wants to attend a large scale university as evidenced by the previous success of BOTH institutions. Local choice has been greatly reduced by relegating Savannah to being served by a satellite campus of a faraway institution. Some Statesboro programs are being cancelled to move to Savannah.
    4. React to local conditions/needs: The people of Savannah need a locally administered institution which will be fully engaged in the community and to be responsive to local needs. The administration continues to be and will remain located in Statesboro.
    5. History: The Savannah institution was a part of Savannah history founded by the City of Savannah in 1935 in association with local philanthropic activity throughout the years. It was to build “strong ties to Savannah” and “lasting relationships with the local community.”
    6. Enrollment is down approximately 20% at the Savannah institution as compared to pre-merger numbers.

How you can help:

    1. Order a FREE window/bumper sticker and display it on your vehicle (see below).
    2. Tell 5 other people about this website and our mission.
    3. Email a 'Letter to the Editor' to the Savannah Morning News, Connect Savannah, and/or the Statesboro Herald (see below).
    4. Send the same letter above to the governor of Georgia (see below).

Please do not underestimate the power of a sticker on your vehicle. Your car is seen by hundreds if not thousands of people every week as you roam about. A sticker is a great way to get the message out there.

How to get a FREE sticker for your car:

How to send a Letter to the Editor:

All local decision makers read the editorial page. Writing a letter to the editor reaches them all at once and helps shape public opinion. Facts in your letter are great but you can also just write how you feel. It is an opinion page after all.

For the Savannah Morning News just send an email to:

Be sure to include your name and contact information in the email.

You can contact Connect Savannah at this email address:

If you are writing the Statesboro Herald please link to:

How to send mail to the Governor of Georgia:

Send that same letter above to the governor. You should open with, "Dear Governor Kemp" but other than that it could be the same letter. A printed out, enclosed in an envelope, stamped letter is the way to do it. Send your hardcopy letter to:

Governor Brian Kemp

Office of the Governor

206 Washington Street

Suite 203, State Capitol

Atlanta, GA 30334


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